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Why should companies work with recruitment agencies?

Working with a recruitment agency helps employers save the time, money and resources that are needed to source, interview, reference check and shortlist a pool of candidates. Recruitment agencies allocate their resources to find the best candidate for the company, from a wide range of sources and a passive candidate market. Recruitment agencies serve as the middle man between candidates and clients, to ensure both parties are satisfied. SMS Professional has invested strongly in premium back-end searches to access candidates that are not actively on the market which helps to source fine talent.

What is the CV selection process?

The CV selection is one of the 12 steps of the recruitment process that involves shortlisting candidates from 16 sources and communicating progress with the client. It involves having a comprehensive understanding of client’s requirements and using it to filter out candidates.

What happens if a candidate leaves?

SMS Professional offers credit with one free replacement within the first three months if the candidate decides to leave.

Which employment sectors do recruitment agencies operate in?

SMS Professional specialises in white collar recruitment recruiting in fields of finance, accounting, sales, marketing, admin, human resources. We recruit for all sorts of roles common to the ‘Professional’ sector ranging from assistant roles to CFOs and CEOs.

How long does the recruitment process take, and how long does it take to source candidates?

Depending on the role, for a temp position we have a 2-hour turnaround, some candidates are placed within a day and others may take 3 – 4 weeks if it’s a more specific role. Ideally, for perm roles, we spend two weeks sourcing, interviewing, reference checking and ideally presenting 3 suitable candidates for a designated role.

Do recruitment agencies remain in contact with companies after a candidate has been placed?

Yes! Even after the candidate has been placed, we contact both client and candidate during the 3-month guarantee period to ensure both parties are satisfied with the new position and placement.


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