There are 2 main dimensions involved when enhancing or transforming a business – People and Business

SMS Professional works with small-to-medium sized businesses to help them grow and optimise their current position taking them to the next level. When you are heading up the business yourself you generally have your finger in many pies and particularly as it gets busier, it is very difficult for business owners to take a step back and really look at the business as it is now and where the shortfalls are. I mean sometimes business owners are not aware of any shortfalls but can wonder why they are not running as smoothly as they would like, or why they are not growing.

We will take a personal one on one approach to really listen to the business owner, establishing from there what outcomes are desired and then take a hands-on approach to investigate and look into what is currently happening and what needs to happen. How involved you would like us to be is up to you once it has been established and recommendations are complete.

Because of the strong network SMS has over the years and this continues today, we can tap into resources where necessary for recommendations for your business, these will be tried and tested people who may be required in certain areas of your business for short or long periods of time. As much or as little time can be invested in your business as a program can be written for you to take your business to the next level.

People and Business


Implementing change strategies and on-boarding while coaching teams and management to ensure business plans, budgets and performance outcomes are achieved.


Mentoring – Staff Selection  Recruitment – Probation Management – Performance – Job Descriptions – Relationships and Team Culture


Policies & Procedures
Monitoring and assessing performance to improve and implement policies and procedures for business enhancement