As we approach 2023 in a month, we can utilise our time to prepare for the busiest month ahead. Yes that’s right, January and February are the most popular and busiest times for hiring according to SEEK. As organisations prepare for the year ahead and new budgets are set for hiring managers, recruiters can use this opportunity to gather a trusted candidate pool to meet upcoming needs.

So, when is the best time to start contacting new and existing clients?

The answer is.. now! With one month left in the year, recruitment agencies can start contacting organisations and ask them what their new year is going to look like. Instead of winding down for the year, here are a few ways you can prep for the coming rush.

  • Marketing and Business Development

Now is the time to accelerate your social media presence and let everyone know you’re not going anywhere. Regular posts will enhance profile visits and engagement.

Business calls, emails and client visits can help to strengthen client bonds and to ensure any future needs or gaps can be addressed early on.

  • Set specific goals for the next two weeks

Before companies close for Christmas, set goals for the upcoming weeks to ensure everything is set for the new year. Research indicates that smaller goals are more likely to be achieved than larger goals.

For example:

Let’s say you want to contact 100 clients within the next two weeks. That’s 50 clients a week and 10 clients per working day. Your goal would be to call and make notes on 10 clients. This goal would suit the SMART acronym as would be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound.

  • Diversify your sourcing strategies

The recruitment market will be highly active during the upcoming months. To ensure you stand out, you can diversify your sourcing strategies and come up with creative methods to find passive and active candidates. A unique combination of sourcing strategies will give you exclusive access to candidates that are not otherwise available to other companies.

  • Do your own research  

As the year comes to an end, companies should do research of their performance to help set goals to addresses weaknesses.

But why is it important to do research of the company’s statistics? Why not just keep up to date with what other organisations are doing?

A company needs to conduct their own research because what works for others might not work for them. An organisation needs to assess its own shortcomings to address internal weaknesses that may not be apparent otherwise.

Some important things to research could be:

– What job sectors were filled by the company

– Which sourcing strategy was best for applicants

– Highest job sector with open jobs

These factors will help to understand which job sectors you’re an expert in filling, which areas you may need to work on and what sourcing strategy is most effective. It also gives you an idea of the current opportunities in the market such as the particular job types that are on high demand.

So what will you do? Wind up for the end of year or prepare to smash out 2023?