Are you a recruiter? If so, how often have you heard these comments?

“There is too much noise in the market which makes it hard to reach top talent”

“We don’t have the luxury of working with candidates exclusively, because they are applying for many jobs at once”

“The lack of feedback from clients makes it difficult to produce a successful hire”

Recruiters are the middle man between clients and candidates, and hence, a key to recruitment success lies in managing both client and candidate relationships. The above statements are some of the common problems faced by current recruiters as per LinkedIn research.

Evidently in this economy of passive candidates, it is becoming increasingly challenging to satisfy both client and candidate demands. Recruitment agencies need to go the extra mile to grasp the needs of both parties to stay competitive in the market.

Lucky for you, we have gathered the most important things both clients and candidates value in this market.

Starting off with clients, here are two things they seek out for from their recruiters:

  • Unique candidate pool

Clients aren’t looking for candidates that are easily available on the market. Recruiters need a unique, versatile and hard-to-access talent pool. They should have a talent community of varied talent.

As a recruiter, how many sources do you use to obtain your talent? Are your candidates easily accessible to everyone else on the market? Are you building a pool of exclusive candidates?

  • Expert Advice

Sometimes clients will ask for advice on their recruitment requirements. Recruiters who have honed their expertise in industry knowledge can provide beneficial insights to their client if they ask for it. This will also help you to provide valuable information on what’s available in the market and what skillsets suit their needs without having to pay an enormous salary for an unnecessary ‘over recruit’. By being an expert, you can gain your clients’ trust by providing accurate information which can be the start of a rewarding long-term relationship.

As a recruiter, how are you honing your industry expertise? Are there any industries you can tap into? Talking to subject-matter experts and attending conferences, networking events can help you in this regard.

In a candidate-driven market, recruitment agencies strive their best to satisfy candidates and keep them warm on their list. What factors do candidates look for in recruitment agencies?

  • Personalized approach

All candidates want to feel appreciated but chances are that recruiters will reject more candidates than accept. However, by having a personalised approach, recruiters can provide positive constructive feedback to all candidates and keep them on file to be considered for another potential opportunity that may present itself.

Recruiters that take time to truly understand their candidates are more likely to achieve a successful hire as they will ensure they are assigned to an organisation that meets their expectations that is also a good culture-fit for them.

  • Timely and clear communication

Candidates don’t want to be left wondering the status of their employment. A key to keeping them engaged and on board is to ensure they are updated with integral information prior and post application.

Another turn off for candidates is ambiguous communication which can often result in disengagement and disinterest in a position. It is important that candidates are well informed of the role and they are not overpromised with any opportunities.

Recruiting in this market can be tough, but going the extra mile to reach top talent is much easier when you understand your clients and candidates. At the end of the day, you should ask yourself “am I recruiting for the candidate or the client?”

The ideal answer? Both!