It’s a really strange time we are living in right now, many would call it scary. I recently read that 50% of the earth’s population is in quarantine due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Human beings are social creatures, we do need to socialise, even Introverts need some Human interaction from time to time.

A recent study from a medical journal showed that the psychological impact of quarantine can be great, resulting in mental health concerns. But does quarantine have to lead to depression? Do we have control over it – the positive answer is – Yes we do!! We can actually remain happy and at peace during this difficult and challenging time.

Here are a few tips that will definitely make a difference in a positive way:-


  1. Create a routine – make sure you still get ready to start your day, get out of your PJs, have your shower & breakfast at your usual time, create normalcy
  2. Take care of your body – eat healthy food and keep snacking to a minimum, have healthy snacks available, exercise every day, stretch and walk
  3. Stay Connected – make the most of technology, text, facetime, do group catchups on platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts etc It is great to see others faces as well as listening to their voice
  4. Assist others – be aware of the elderly, not to put them in a vulnerable position though, but check-in, make sure they are ok, maybe leave a little gift, food or something nice on the doorstep to help them feel important
  5. Focus on positives – I know I feel very grateful for going through this in Australia, I’m grateful for our medical system, our government, our homes with gardens & yards, our ability to obtain food and I take comfort in just knowing that Aussies do look out for each other – it is really tough in other parts of the world!!
  6. Limit media intake – whilst it is great to keep informed, too much information can make you feel overwhelmed and anxious
  7. Fight Boredom – take up a special project, utilise the time you now have to complete some tasks you have been wanting to tackle. I know I have worked on my home office and de-cluttered. Take up reading or watching a great series, change up your day
  8. Take it one day at a time – remember these are temporary measures try not to predict the end and remember that you are not alone
Mental health during lockdown