Nervous for your interview? Ever wonder how you can make the best first impression? As a recruitment agency with years of interviewing experience, here is what stands out to us. Below are some tips and tricks you can use for your next interview


  • Research the company

The company wants to hire someone who is interested in what they do. Show your interest by exploring their website, understanding their processes and mission statement.

  • Be punctual

Being on time to an interview isn’t just an indicator of respect but also an indicator of responsibility. If you’re on time for your interview, you show personal responsibility to be on time for any future work events.

  • Dress modestly and professionally

At the heart of any first impression is your physical appearance. Presenting as a clean and well-groomed individual will help interviewers determine if you are an appropriate fit for their organisation. Do not wear heavy makeup or any colours that could be deemed as ‘too much in your face’

  • Use personal examples

This is the perfect opportunity to show off your exemplary work experiences. Stand out by talking about your unique experiences and how they make you an exceptional candidate.

  • Practice Sample Questions

Preparing samples questions keeps you one step ahead as you won’t be left stuck at a question. Use this opportunity to rehearse your knowledge and present yourself confident.


  • Memorise answers

Preparation is important but memorising answers limits your ability to express your individuality and it usually shows that you are rehearsed and not responding naturally

  • Ramble on

Interviews are constrained by time, avoid wasting that time with unnecessary detail.

  • Exaggerate or lie

Transparency and honesty show you are a trustworthy candidate and you don’t want to set yourself up to fail in any prospective position

  • Speak negatively about previous work experience or employer

Remember that speaking negatively about someone reflects more poorly on you rather than them. Even if you have had a bad experience, try to refrain from sounding negative towards them.

First impressions matter. Make yours’ worthwhile by following this guide. Ultimately, your goal is to make sure that your interviewer can see the ‘real’ you, your abilities and personality.

BUT… what if my interview is on Zoom?

With the recent pandemic, we have seen an increase in the use of zoom to conduct interviews. In addition to the tips above, here are some specific advice tailored to zoom interviews:

  • Find a quiet and professional setting

It is good to minimise as many distractions as possible for both you and the interviewer. If the background is distracting, you can always opt for the blur background zoom setting.

  • Familiarise yourself with Zoom

Have your meeting ID, password or link with you well before the interview time begins. Understand the basics of zooms such as muting, video, background settings.

  • Ensure you have internet

Make sure your internet is stable. Consider using hotspot or mobile data as back up.

  • Be ready 10 minutes prior to the interview

Going in early shows punctuality and saves you time for any unexpected technical difficulties. Be mindful that the interviewer may be wrapping up with a candidate, so don’t log in too early.

  • Maintain eye contact

Interviewers can tell if you are looking elsewhere. Show due respect by maintaining eye contact, paying attention and speaking clearly.

Whether you are going in person or online, you can still make a fabulous first impression by following the tips above. Good luck!