Attention graduates or current university students! Many of you have probably wondered how your university degree will be useful in helping you get a job.

As recruiters, here are some things we look for in candidates that are graduates and some ways your university degree is actually helping you:

  • Time management

Juggling work, university classes, extra-curriculars and a social life equips university students to manage their time wisely but also teach them prioritisation skills when it comes to meeting deadlines. This will equip graduates in the workforce to juggle between work demands while prioritising what is important for the company they work for!

  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving skills

In most cases, university students have to tackle challenging assignments and exam questions that will enhance their problem-solving skills. Employers value someone who can analyse a situation, come up with effective solutions and implement those situations.

  • Communication skills and team work

Often times, university students will have to communicate with their professors and peers. A diligent student would even use this opportunity to build networks which can give them a helping hand when entering the workforce. Furthermore, students learn to work in teams to achieve a common goal and this helps them to learn collaboration and cooperation.

  • Resilience and motivation

Obtaining a university degree can be difficult and requires resilience. Resilience and motivation help you to achieve long term success in an organisation and gives you a can-do attitude that is well desired by employers.

  • Willingness to learn

With a constantly changing work environment, students are better accustomed to continuous learning. This helps graduates to improve their processes at work and ensure they are always ahead of their game!

However, it is important to note that a university degree on its own does not secure a job.

While university qualifications can give you an edge, it is important to have a balanced ratio of education and experience. Try to find a job or internship that is related to your field of learning to put your knowledge into practice and assess if it is suited for you!