Have you ever submitted countless CVs across to multiple companies and received no call back?

The very first impression an employer has with a prospective employee is through their resume.

What are some important things needed in a resume and how can you ensure your resume is eye-catching and true to your capabilities?

Here are 5 ways you can ensure your resume is polished:

1. Keep it brief but informative

Make sure your resume has all the information you need to show you are a proficient employee but do not overload it with unnecessary details. If you have large chunks of writing in your resume, ask yourself whether it is necessary and if so, replace them with succinct bullet points

2. Use subheadings

Divide your resume into subheadings. Here is a following suggestion of subheadings in the ideal order:

– Personal details

– Objective

– Career Summary

– Education/Qualifications

– Skills

– Interest

3. Keep it in chronological order starting with most recent to least recent

Your career summary should start with your most recent position along with the roles and responsibilities of that position followed by the position before it and so on. This way your employer/recruiter can see where you worked last and then see what you did before it an ordered way

4. Tailor your resume

This is the step that most people forget to do and it does take additional effort but it will be worth it when it helps your resume stand out. Tailor your resume to the job you are applying for, showcase skills and experience that is relevant to your current position. Your resume should be a reply to the job description for the job you apply for.

5. Use keywords

Use key words that are related to the role you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a call centre role use the words inbound calls, outbound calls. These words are sometimes searched by recruiters to filter potential candidates and can help shortlist you as a potential candidate.

6. Ensure a consistent format

Use the same font, put subheadings in a distinguishable format that is consistent. Use the same dot point formats. This way the resume will look clean and professional.

Next time you send your resume, use this as a checklist to maximise your chances of being hired. Good luck!