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The Benefits of using an agency – by Sue Lamb

Generally, the agency has a relationship with the right contact within the company requiring a new employee, they also have a relationship with the quality candidate and an understanding of what they are looking for.
It is the agencies job to find the best person for a prospective role.

Candidates – by partnering with a recruitment expert, you will have an advocate who will promote your strengths, experience and expertise to potential employers. The agency has a much broader variety of opportunities and can be very helpful with advice, as they know the current market trends, salaries etc. Using an agency reduces the number of times a referee needs to be contacted, once done this information can be released to more than one opportunity to introduce you, the candidate in the best possible light. If you’re dealing with an agency that is relationship focussed, we have a good understanding of the fit within an organisation and are able to put you forward and introduce you to a client even before there is an actual listed opened position within their company, giving a prospective candidate a great chance.

The most successful players in the market are the recruiters who can foresee a great opportunity and have the ability to communicate in an informative and knowledgeable manner.

The benefit to the candidate and the client is that there is a buffer between each, it makes getting to the right place, in the end, smoother and sometimes those hard to ask questions are easier through another party. The negotiation process can be done by the recruiter which is a benefit for both parties as well. A recruiter is able to tap into a market of quality of people that a prospective employer cannot.
So, candidates, making recruiters part of your job search strategy is a very good idea for all of the reasons above.

Employers – If you’ve never used an agency before, it may seem a bit costly on the surface, but it really is a very cost-effective way of hiring staff, allowing you to get on with what you need to do without the time-consuming distractions of trying to hire your own people.