The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced the hand of many employers to roll out “Working From Home” arrangements which have been resisted by many for so long.

Other forward-thinking employers have been taking up these practices for some time now, being able to offer more flexible working conditions.

The hand was well and truly forced particularly for the more traditional employers during the pandemic, and it has been reported that results have been very good and that in many cases the employee is more productive when working from home. People had to make it work now and it seems to have delivered results. So, with better planning, the outcome could be even better.’

Looking at the forced lockdown has made us focus on the outcomes the benefits and the pitfalls while working from home. Here are some examples of benefits: –

  • Less travel, less travel expenses resulting in more disposable income for employees and less overheads for employers and more time spent with families at home – priceless!!
  • Employees have shown to be more inclined to ‘log on’ earlier and later than their normal working day, in the most part employees are more positive
  • There are less cars on the road, which results in less stress, more safety, more efficiency of course it is better for the environment
  • A minimisation of spread of Flu and other sicknesses through the office in-turn less sick leave
  • Increased productivity away from office distractions
  • An opening up of the talent pool by opening job opportunities to candidates who live in regional and remote locations
  • Technology is being used to its full potential with automation driving business efficiency
  • Lower cost for employers in regard to desk space and office space

There are some pitfalls to consider as well, for example: –

  • Mental health needs to be considered with some people needing people contact
  • It is difficult to create a culture within the business
  • There is a lack of ad hoc learning from others whilst on the job

Overall, I am not suggesting a complete ‘Work from Home” business model, however, definitely “Flexible” working conditions which include working from home must be a true benefit for both the employee and the employer. It is something to consider for the future of businesses.