Have you ever had trouble deciding between two job offers?

In this current market where businesses are looking for outstanding talent to join their team, you may be facing a dilemma of choosing between two job offers. The decision could make an impact on your future happiness and longevity in your next role. 

So, which is the one to take? Whilst you are weighing up your options, here are some things to consider:-

Company Culture:
You’ll spend a significant amount of your time at work, so it’s important to look at the company culture, environment, team, the history of longevity. Does the company culture align with your own values and beliefs?

Long term opportunities:
Look for opportunities to learn new skills, advance in your career, and take on more responsibilities, if this is something that is important to you. Which job offer provides a better path for your professional growth?

Work-Life Balance:
Consider the working hours, the flexibility that’s available, whether there are hybrid opportunities and any other offerings, like early long service leave, extra leave days, shorter working days. 

Commute and Location:
Consider the proximity of each workplace to your current home or desired living situation. Consider the commuting time, transportation options, and associated costs. This can really make a difference to the length of your working day.

Company Reputation:
Do some research on the stability of the company. What is their financial position and the overall reputation of each company. Maybe do a google search on reviews of previous employees, whilst there will always be dissatisfied employees, look for overall positivity.

Job Responsibilities and Challenges:
What may you be stepping into? Make it one of your questions to ask the interviewer how the role has become available and what is the overall stability and longevity of this role. Consider which role aligns better with your skills, interests, and long-term career goals. 

Company Size and Structure:
Consider the size and structure of each organisation. Larger companies may offer more resources, established processes, and potential for career growth. Smaller companies might provide more autonomy, flexibility, and closer-knit teams and may give you the opportunity to make a real difference. Which opportunity is more in line with what you’re after.

Finally, what is your gut saying?  Reflect on your overall impression of each company, how you felt during the interview, the people you met during the process. Sometimes, your intuition can guide you towards the right decision.