As a recruitment agency, we’re always on the look-out for current industry trends to see if we need to make any changes in the way we recruit. The advancement of technology and the onset of Covid-19 has definitely impacted the way recruiters operate. Below are some emerging trends that we have noticed.

  • Virtual Recruitment

Instead of speaking with candidates face to face, we have utilised Zoom to interview our candidates. Whilst this has been helpful in reaching candidates that live in other areas, we also value face-to-face interviews and try to do both virtual and in-person to maintain close rapport with our candidates.

  • Prioritising Soft skills

Soft skills such as communication, team work and critical thinking are in higher demand as they are harder to teach and therefore harder to replace by automation. These skills stand out more and are proven to lead to better long-term outcomes for an organisation.

  • Candidate-centred market and the Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

The high demand of quality candidates along with increased employee turnover in recent years have resulted in a candidate centred market. This has made it harder for recruiters as candidates are hot on the market and can be snatched up easily. Candidates are looking for a workplace that offers a unique EVP    – that is the combination of rewards and incentives that are offered to an employee in exchange for their work. Hence, candidates are more selective about choosing which organisation they want to work for.

  • Hybrid work environment

With employees transitioning to work from home, many workplaces are beginning to transition back into the office or offering hybrid work environments. Some companies are now more open to offering remote work that can be done from home.

  • Higher employee mobility

The onset of pandemic has caused an immense rate of employee turnover with many employees rethinking their career goals and the places they want to work for. Recruiters find it harder to find candidates that stay for the long run. Recruitment agencies will have to deviate from traditional methods and source candidates via creative measures to be successful in the years ahead.

  • Proactive recruiting and passive candidates

Many recruiters try to contact excellent candidates early and build a relationship with them. This is important in a candidate-driven market and it helps the organisation to better understand their candidates to recruit them successfully. Furthermore, with high employment, the chances are that the ideal candidate is already employed which means we have to step into the passive market.

Although these new trends have brought challenges on recruitment, they have also brought great opportunities to build stronger relationships with our clients and candidates. Ultimately, these new changes have helped us grow as an organisation and to be better prepared for upcoming trends. If you’re in need of an employee, consider contacting us as we can help you save the time and money needed to source candidates in the current tight market.